"How did my hard drive crash?
The Anatomy Of A Hard Drive -
What you need to know.

Hardware Error - A hard drive will often fail when the read-write head of a hard disk drive touches its rotating platter resulting in catastrophic damage to the magnetic media on the platter surface. This is known as a "head crash". A head crash can be initiated by a tiny particle of dirt which can cause the head to bounce against the disk, destroying the thin magnetic coating on the disk. Often referred to as the "click of death" because of the clicking sound the drive will make that signals the device has failed.

Software Error - Hard drives are made up of hundreds of thousands of sectors where the data is stored. Over time, these sectors lose ther magneticity or ability to store data. A hard drives can lose millions of bits of data a day, but they are redundant, giving them the capability to replace sectors as they go bad. This "re-mapping" will usually keep a drive operational. Over time however, key sectors will go bad and no longer are able to hold the data. This is when your hard drive will start to fail and need replacement.

The difference between success and failure is not one's technical ability, but having the right tools. We have the right tools for your system and can recover data where others fail.

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CT Data Recovery we understand how important that business proposal, accounting document or family photo album is. We will work with you to recover your data as soon as possible - usually with 48 hours. We utilize some of the most advanced digital data recovery technology to insure the best opportunity for information recovery.

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